Friday, July 15, 2011

WOMEN in ART : i'm try working,searching and present on it ^_^

ok.for the first time on my life..i need to present for my "PUBLIC SPEAKING"
and the entitle is "WOMEN IN ART"
the words look quite interesting
hmmm....dont you think it might difficult for me to talk about it.. ,,huhu
i dont know why i choose this topic,,HUH ! huhu,,i feel like i  want to cry right now,,hurmmmm
but,,i dont know..why??
i just think,,this topic will be interesting,, (err...maybe..HAHA!)


i'm not dont yet..haha
they are so special right? 
so this time..
i just put women on this side,,where they are involved more in "ART".
thats true,,and its fact OKAY!!

whether the women as a "PAINTER" or  a  model for the painter escpecially men that paint them and make it in oil potrait,,hehehe...

women are the sources of life....
,,They are a favorite subject of artists in all genre since they represent beauty..
 women are all in ART since 19thcentury,,so they have 500 women in years women in western ART

     women!! they produce large number of potraits to the world!
SO AMAZIng..!!

thats why i would like talk about it on my "public speaking"..that the introduction only,but i will talk more on that day of my presentation..heheheeh

i hope my all fellow friends will accepted it.. and i hope they heard what i'm gonna to talk abouT it and i hopes so they will not bored or laugh at me,because it will make me more nervous,,huhuhu ,,i feel like i;m so pity,,Huhuhu!

 whether you'll  will listen or do not want to understand it..i have no choice..i'm just doing my work,,
and the best thing is to make you all happy..

p/s : err..i'm freaking nervourness  right now..!! T_T
                 -,,INSYALLAH ..i hope i can do it better-

     BYE guys..THAnks FOR READING ^_^

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